Win-7 wireless on Aspire E-15


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I have an Acer Aspire which came with Windows 8. I have re-formatted the drive and installed Windows 7 Pro but am having problem getting wireless networking to work.

When I try going through Control Panel, network setup, it indicates no network adapter is available. According to the Acer specs the nerwork adapter is: Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n.

Is there a location where I can download a driver for this laptop in a Windows 7 compatibility format instead of a Windows 8 one?

Thanks, Tom

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A new computer purchased within, I would say a GOOD three to four years ago came out with a second generation BIOS. The ONLY way you can go from a notebook (or pre-built desktop -- HP, Dell, etc.) that initially came with Windows 8 and rollback to Windows 7 is if the original manufacturers of the motherboards, themselves (currently to my knowledge ASUS and Sony makes their own motherboards AND notebooks, concurrently), and the original computer's manufacturers (Dell, Sony, HP, etc.) came out with Windows 7 drivers specifically.

Most do not really offer backwards compatibility drivers for Windows 7 because of such an integrated process there is between the newer second generation BIOS and Windows 8.

My first time experience with Windows 8 was with an ASUS notebook that came with that OS. My mother started to download and install a free Microsoft upgrade to version 8.1. Unbeknownst to me at the time I did not realize that Windows 8.0 and Windows version 8.1 is considered TWO DIFFERENT operating systems! I found this out the hard way because my original key did not or was not a correct key for the transition to Windows 8.1, unfortunately. I tried Win7 on the notebook and hit a brick wall (as you did), as I could not find drivers for that notebook to fully complete the transition process.

I noticed when I reinstalled Windows 8 that the profile was not completely erased nor overwritten fully because the notebook offered me to restore the last profile. This was because of the parameters of the last profile was written (for lack of a better term) into the BIOS...

I hope this gives you a better understanding...


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Aspire E-15 .... According to the Acer specs the nerwork adapter is: Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n.
Can't find "Aspire E-15" specifically on Acer's support sites so there is likely some additional alpha-numeric characters associated with the system.
If the only thing holding you up at this point is the wireless drivers then open
Device manager
Right click the problem network adapter and choose properties.
Switch to the details tab and
change the drop down arrow to hardware ids
Copy the first line in the value box to Google and search
That should provide you with some better identification as to the chipset (Atheros, Broadcom, etc.,) and perhaps then you can look to the device manufacturer for a driver solution.


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I know what you are thinking about that device driver. One or two alphanumeric characters out of place and the driver(s) can become another whole new aspect of another said driver. I have found some good luck with a program that has served me quite well in the past (and even now) called Driver Detective ( I know from from experience that you can have the same exact notebook, for example, but each notebook could have a different flavor (revisions, upgrades, etc.) of video cameras installed which, in turn, could change the driver itself. I have lost count on how many flavors of Atheros drivers there are to control the WiFi, Bluetooth(?), and NIC (networking) cards there are.

If this program cannot find a working driver for your issue, Tom, I do not know what can. Rolling back from Windows 8 to Windows 7 can literally be a PITA and an all out nightmare if when it comes to find drivers that will work with the hardware you have.