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Windows 8 Win 8.0 Pro --> Win8.1 Preview failed with 0xC1900101 - 0x40019

Fierce Guppy

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Aug 2, 2013
The upgrade went perfectly smooth up until the License Terms screen appeared. I had no way to click on "Agree" because the OS would not accept any input. My keyboard and mouse appeared dead. I tried all the other USB ports and the mini 6-pin mouse socket. After I rebooted and Windows 8 Pro restored a banner appeared with:

Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview

Sorry, we couldn't complete the update to Windows 8.1 Preview. We've restored your previous version of Windows to this PC.

0xC1900101 - 0x40019

I've attached C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log It's gibberish to me.

Any ideas?

System stats.
OS: Windows 8 Pro with Media Center
CPU: Intel i7-965
MB: Asus Rampage II Extreme
GFX: Gigabyte GTX 590
Storage: 3xWD 640GB (RAID 0)
All windows updates applied.


  • setuperr.log.txt
    21.8 KB · Views: 1,150
Hmm can you try re-downloading the install? Perhaps its corrupted.
You could check the net for that error, I found several sites that discuss it, and variations of the second part.

In some cases, an anti-virus might be involved. If something interferes with access of necessary files, it will of course mess up an install. You log does not appear to be complete, but I see instances where the system cannot expand the install.wim file, which is where the install files are.

Removing unnecessary external devices might also help.

This appears to be the meaning of the error:

Error MOUPG SetupManager::Reporting rollback event: [0xC1900101, 0x40019]

This is probably just the notification a Rollback has been started. But you have all types of error messages, and some refer to not being able to access Registry information, or extract information from the install file. I am not expert on this, and since I did not see any Fatal errors, I cannot be sure what is actually causing the problem.

If you have a Setupact.log in your folder, you might attach it.
In that case the error is useless for knowing exactly what went wrong.

setupact.log is 37MB so I uploaded it to skydrive.

[REMOVED for potential unwanted disclosure of Internet browsing history - @Mike ]
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Hmm can you try re-downloading the install? Perhaps its corrupted.

I disabled my anti-virus, disconnected external devices other than the mouse and keyboard, re-downloaded the install and hit the very same issue.
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In that case the error is useless for knowing exactly what went wrong.

setupact.log is 37MB so I uploaded it to skydrive.

[REMOVED for potential unwanted disclosure of Internet browsing history - @Mike ]

Oops. OK. Thanks.
Sorry and the removal thing. I was not aware any info concerning browsing history was included.

But I installed the update to get a log to compare to yours. The problem with that is your log is a re-try of the install after a reboot so it seems to be completely different from mine. It looks like most of the log was concerned with the rollback operation.

But at the beginning there were a couple of entries that might have some meaning. This was in the setuperr.log and shows cpuz132_x64.sys in your user folder and cpuz136_x64.sys in the Windows folder.

Also there are several messages like the one below. I have no way of knowing if it is referring to the two instances of cpuz, but you might check.

CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityController::GetDriverBlockType: Found more than one match for the specified device.

There was also some comments about getting messages concerning something like the update not being the correct version. Since you don't mention that, I will assume it is not relevant, just that it does seem to effect folks in the UK.

And I do not know what type of mouse you are using, but if it is something other than a basic USB mouse, you might try changing.
Thanks for your effort. Upgrading from the Store should have ascertained the correct version. I haven't tried the iso upgrade path just yet, and since I live in New Zealand the installer had rightly chosen the UK English version as opposed to the American.

I noticed there were lot of these, too:
CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityController::GetDriverBlockType: Found more than one match for the specified device.

I'll search more on this after work.

CPU-Z should be harmless but i'll uninstalled and reinstall it to see if is it still puts the sys file in two places.

The mouse is a R.A.T 7 USB mouse and the keyboard is a standard MS USB keyboard. It's just odd that all USB inputs are disabled or uninitialized by the time the Licence Terms screen appears. Or maybe it's a system freeze. Hard to tell.
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I will check the log to see if anything about USB shows up. I have a RAT 7 on my other system, which I did an update on. I just do not remember if I needed to swap out the mouse at that time. I see situations where other mice will not work (RAT 7 and Wireless) so often in Ubuntu and some some other bootable utilities, I don't even notice any more.

How long did you wait after the apparent freeze on the License screen? If it is getting an error and starts a rollback, it should tell you what it is doing, without you having to reboot. Was there any hard drive activity during this time? And since the keyboard is also frozen, a tab key will not get you to the response box...?
Well, I think I am about worn out going through your log. I did find where the logs were the same, and saw no errors indicating there was something that kicked you out of the upgrade. The log does end and then seem to start over, since the Hosting OS on the end of your log shows 6.2.9200 and mine shows 6.3.9431.

There are a couple of lines on mine that might be important. Since you do not have the lines, it looks like either it did not happen on yours, or the install was terminated prior to the entries.

SETUPPLATFORMEXE: Attempting to connect to the progress pipe.
SETUPPLATFORMEXE: Progress pipe connected.
SetupPlatfrom: Executing Execute.PostOOBE commands

If you want to check, this is on the last page of the setupact.log.
Please don't wear yourself out going through that sssssssssssslop because it'll give me a guilt complex. Really, it's work only fit for prison labor.

The first time I estimate the License Terms screen was up for just over an hour before I got home and discovered an unresponsive mouse and keyboard; 15 mins the second time. I tried my Razer Taipan mouse, too; also a wireless one, and the keyboard is as basic has you can find. I tried the tab key, but didn't think to try the capslock key to see if the LED lit. There's no indication of power going to any of the mice on any port. There was no HDD activity. The only way to escape the License Terms screen was to turn off the PC. After turning on the PC Window 8.1 would then boot part way and a message appears at the bottom displaying the rollback progress beginning at 0%. The error code is shown only after I've logged into Windows 8.

6.2.9200 = Windows 8.0
6.3.9431 = Windows 8.1 Preview

I have those three setupplatform lines repeated many times starting about 2/3rds of the way down in my current setupact.log. There's just so much in that log file, it's near impossible to know what's relevant if anything. When I did some programming on the Commodore Amiga in a bygone era, I used to be very sure that if a function call returned an error during a setup procedure, I would send output to the user naming exactly what the problem was. That's just good programming practice. I wish I saw that reflected in MS products rather than screeds of terse and irrelevant gibberish.

If this issue is not ironed out in the final release I'm going to be extremely miffed. And you should take a break. You've done way more than anyone could reasonably ask in trying to find the cause.
I know this sound silly, but are you using an nVidia card? If so can you please update the drivers before trying the upgrade?
Not a silly question. Yes, as a matter of fact I do have an nVidia card and always update the drivers to the most recent certified version on the day they are released. Current version is 320.49.
I've seen some other users with this specific error code, and solution was to update nVidia driver, however.. I'm a little unclear.
They mention the 8.1 preview driver here: Link Removed

But do you install that before upgrading to 8.1, will it even let you? (I'm not sure the details are fuzzy).
Those drivers are to be installed afterwards. Only after I upgraded my laptop from 8.0 to 8.1 preview the drivers were available from the Windows Update site.
I think I might know what the multiple device entry might be referring to. It seems to be a Marvell device. Possibly a network adapter, or in my case it would be a SATA controller. Looking for the Hardware ID, it seems to indicate an Acer Aspire 5570. If none of this works out, the public update should be arriving in about two weeks. Hopefully, as you mention, these types of problems will be repaired. And since you tried the install, Microsoft should now be aware of the problem.

Good Luck..

Link Removed

This is what shows in the Setupact.log, which occurs the same time as the error entry in setuperr.log.

CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityController::GetDriverBlockType: Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4364&SUBSYS_81F81043, Manufacturer: Marvell, Class name: Net, Class guid: {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityController::GetDriverBlockType: Device 'PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4364&SUBSYS_81F81043' is a candidate for migration in full-upgrade scenario.

CONX ConX::Compatibility::CCompatibilityController::GetDriverBlockType: Found more than one match for the specified device.

MOUPG CDriverMigCallback::ValidateDriverPackage: Failed. HRESULT = [0x80300035]
Those are the two integrated Marvell Yukon 88E8056 gigabit ethernet controllers. There's never been a problem with them and Windows 8, and neither with 7, nor Vista. The crunch time will be with the final release. I will send MS a nasty-gram if this issue isn't resolved.
OK, when you do the real install, you might think about disabling one in the bios, if you can. You might also consider disabling both and using a wireless dongle of some type during the install if you can't disable only one.