Win 8.1 on a new PC is sluggish.


Hi! How about the reliability Monitor @Neemobeer ?? How's come no one uses it!
Reliability Monitor is the Best Windows Troubleshooting Tool You Aren’t Using

Reliability Monitor tracks the history of your computer — any time an application crashes, hangs, or Windows gives you a blue screen of death. It also tracks other important events, like when software is installed, or Windows Updates loads a new patch.

It’s an extremely useful tool. And yes, it’s in Windows 7 and 8… and even 8.1. It might be in Vista, but who uses that anymore?


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Well it provides the same information as EventViewer just in a different format, plus working in a corporate IT environment there is no way to see the Reliability monitor of a remote computer without some kind of remote solution in place or rdp which will kick the user off. EventViewer allows you to view a remote systems event logs. That would be why I don't use it.