Windows 8 WIn 8 upgrade peoblem from win 7 ultimate


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Oct 28, 2012
HI all i have this problem with upgrading
i have burn window yo usb with microsoft wind 7 burn tool

It is possible your Bios is not set to boot to the USB Flash drive. Check the Bios to see if this is an option, if not perhaps the PC manufacturer would have an update to the Bios.

If not you might have to burn the ISO file to a DVD and use that.
You do not give much information about how you are installing. For instance, if you were trying to install using UEFI, the Windows 7 version of a flash drive maker will format it in NTFS. The one that comes inside the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade package formats it as Fat 32, which it has to be for UEFI..

Any more specifics you are seeing? Where did you get your download?
Suggest you burn a DVD & try that route rather than USB. May, also, be what SG mentions. Giving the DVD a shot, as well or 1st, is quick & easy.

Use "Burn Img to Disc" in 7.

And, yes, be sure the DL came from the official MS "Buy It" site.

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