Win XP slow booting off network

I cleaned out an old laptop and re-installed win xp. Put all the usual programs on it. I joined it to our office domain.

Now something weird is happening.

If the office's network cable is plugged in it boots up fine and quickly too.

If you take the network cable out it displays the desktop wallpaper for 10 min and then it'll load the icons and taskbar. Ctrl+alt+del doesn't work.

I've checked in regedit and explorer.exe settings seem to be fine. It'll either be a program timing out in the background or it's looking for a network connection or something.

Do you know anyway to check what it is? I'm hoping you've seen this before.

It's one of those 5 min jobs that's just dragging on lol


Noob Whisperer
My bet is that it is looking for a Domain Controller to authenticate to in order to receive an updated access token as well as everything else that is part of belonging to a "Domain" like....Group Policy information, etc., before it finally gives up and flips over to cached credentials.
Why would you join it to a domain and then disconnect it from the network??? Seems an odd thing to do.

It's a laptop, when at the desk the employee uses an ethernet cable to access network resources and join the domain. But it can be taken off the domain and access wi-fi. The wi-fi is just a straight internet connection and this is when it takes ages to load.

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