Windows 10 win10 requireing login pw even though i've set it up not to


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recent (free) upgrade from win 7. have gone thru the following steps to disable the login pw requirement:
1. power options > system settings - under pw protection on wakeup, the option "don't require a password" is checked
2. Run >NEPLWIZ>OK - under user accounts, "users must enter a user name and password to use this
computer" is unchecked

is there any other setting/config that needs to be change to make the pc not require a pw ? ?

any help greatly app
When you made the changes to neplwiz or user accounts did you fill in the info as to what your user name and password is?
As kemical says. When you have, in nepplwiz, checked O=K, you should be switched to another window, There you must put in the password twice
He may have inadvertently switched to a email account from local when he upgraded. My dad did the same thing. You need to go into Account Settings and select "Disconnect" under the email based login. It should prompt you to switch to a local account. Verify the username and you can leave the password blank.