Windows 7 Win7 7068 x64 - a few problems


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I have recently installed Windows 7 Build 7068 x64 and encountered a few problems

#1 - I have an ATI 4870x2 - I installed the actual Win7 drivers that ATI has and they seemed to install correctly but they did'nt ask me to "restart" like they should, and the CCC (Catalyst Control Center) would not even come up when clicked (even after restart)

#2 - I have the Asus Rampage Extreme X48 motherboard with an E8600. I have heard that Vista 64 drivers should work w/ Win7 64. They don't seem to want to run. It is an Intel X48 board, any ideas on where to get good chipset, SATA, etc. drivers?

#3 - I run my computer on a 1280x720 projector AND a 1280x1024 LCD Vista lets me run the resolution on both at 1280x720. If I do this on Win7, the LCD will only show a widescreen (black bars) instead of skewing or stretching the res to fullscreen. Anyway to run 1280x720 on on both without the black bars on the 4:3 screen? Maybe this is because the CCC did'nt install correctly?

#4 - other than that I really like the OS

I have both the Rampage mobo and a 4870X2. With the Ati drivers are you using the lastest ones, 9.4? The same thing happened to me. I have gone back to 9.3 until I work out whats going on. They work all good for me. You could also try the x64 Vista drivers too see if that helps.

As for the chipset drivers Im not sure I even needed that cd. Think Windows had them all. You could try installing them in compatitiblity mode for Vista. Here are the latest Vista x64 drivers anyways
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

You did a fresh instal right? You could also try updating your bios that might help.
So I got the 9.4 drivers working properly. There is something wrong with the install package apparently so you have to do it manually. Find your way to the device manager and right click your display adapter and click update driver and choose the browse my computer and direct it to this folder:


then hit next and it should install it. Reboot