Win7 Can't Find Wireless Network

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    [Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP-1]
    [Duronic USB-2 Wireless 802.11N Adaptor]

    Have installed dongle and drivers according to Realtek instructions.

    Everything appears to be in place and working, but Windows can't find a wireless network whose wireless router is less than a metre away and working well with a laptop downstairs.

    Realtek wireless LAN icon in system tray - Available Networks tab - Searching, but nothing is found. Dongle's LED is flashing slowly.

    Control Panel - Manually connect to a wireless network - 'An unexpected error occurred. Not helpful.

    Windows diagnostics suggests driver problem - searches and finds driver - informs me the installed driver is up-to-date.

    The dongle connects easily when installed on an XP 32-bit machine.

    Wired network connection works perfectly.


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