Win7 disabled wireless network adaptor interface automatically and was unable to enable it until reb

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    Hi All:
    I met a big problem in Win7 and can't find the related solution or MS update on the internet.
    I have a wireless device (USB interface).
    Win7 system can detect it and I can use it to connect network successfuly.
    However, sometimes Win7 will automatically disable it forever and unable to enable anymore (from Manage Netowrk Adaptor) when I unplug and re-plug in it, but the device can still be found in Device Manager .
    In this case, the device can't be enabled anymore even I tried to use "netsh interface set inferface..." to enable it. The only way to use the device is reboot computer.
    Does anyone meet the same problem? Do you have any idea?

    My operations:
    (1) Login Win7 (administrator)
    (2) Plug-in my wireless USB device
    (3) Connected to network
    (4) Unplug wireless USB device
    (5) The device will be disappered in both "Manage Network Adaptor" and "Device Manager".
    (6) Replug-in device
    (7) *Sometimes (1/2 rate), the device adaptor interface will be automatically disabled from "Manage Network Adaptor", but it is still available in "Device Manager". It is unable to connect network anymore since the interface is diabled by Win7.
    (8) Reboot computer, it backs to (1)

    Please help :frown: I will deely appreciate it. Thank you.

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