win7 error/problem

I just installed windows 7 ultimate a clean new version.The whole installation was ok and after that it asked me to put in time date....and it needed to reboot automaticly and it did.
But all i got was a black screen!:confused:
Yes,i looked this forum and other forums for this error,for the just moving cursor but i dont have a cursor just a black screen,and i know about something sayng error code 5 or anything like that but i just have a black screen. I tried pressing f2 when the cd was inside for reinstallation but nothing,safe mode and others just frezze the screen.
Please reply soon i am really pi**** for buyng windows 7 and now it doesent work.....:mad:
p.s i was running xp before installation and i cheched for spec,my comp can run win7.I am writing this from a laptop.PLESE SOS

Would be good if you gave us a little more info:

1. Did you try to boot in Safe Mode ?
2. Did you try the repair option ?
3. After it started copying installation files and then proceeded to install, did it all go automatically without your interventions ?
4. What is your hardware specs ?

1 ghz,64 bit 16 gb free space 128 graphical mem,and direct x 9.I think its this,but i checked for compabillity and it was ok.
I tryed to run in safe mode,and last know good settings and all other but the screen freezes.
The repair option doesent show up,installation went perfect but when win7 needed to start i just see a black screen.

I suspect this is your hardware of less capacity than it should be. If safe mode nor the repair option work, try to clean reinstall with formatting the partition from the installation wizard.

Soory to ask,but how do you do that:confused:

I tryed,but the installation window doesent show up.
I put the cd to run first in the bios boot setup but it doesent run it.I just bought vista ultimate for my laptop and upgraded it.I tryed to run vista on my comp now but again,nothing shows up.....I just figured out i will have to go through the whole process of establishing the internet for the comp if i ever got it fixed.
I put it on servis but the guy didnt know whats wrong......:mad::mad::mad:

F8 takes you into safe mode. Don't try to boot to the install disk.

yes i did,but the comp freezes


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Could you please fill in your computer specs in the UserCP link at the top left hand side of the page.

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

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