Win7 not seeing Seagate GoFlex Home

Recently purchased a Seagate GoFlex Home NAS drive and having troubles getting my Win7 laptop to see it on the network. Here is a basic rundown of what works and what doesn't:

  • I can ping the IP address from the Laptop
  • The NAS drive appears in the network map but not in the Network heading in explorer
  • I can access the NAS drive through the browser
  • I have full access to the NAS drive(mapped drive etc) through my Vista desktop on the same network
  • I can access my Win7 Laptop from my Vista desktop
  • The desktop's name appears on the Win7 machine but I can't open it (Windows says "Windows cannot access \\DESKTOP")
  • I have setup network discovery, file and printer sharing etc in advanced sharing options.
Please help!!!!!


Noob Whisperer
Hello Jack and welcome to the forum.
Many such device have their own interface, in which, you need to configure access permission relative to the device's possibly unique groups as well as usernames / passwords.
Make sure that all network nodes including the NAS (if applicable) have the same WORKGROUP name, and that all devices have the same date, time and regional (time zone) setting and are syncing with
The fact that you cannot access the Vista machine from the Win7 laptop "Windows cannot access \\DESKTOP" is a different matter and likely reflect the presence of some type of third party firewall or Security Suite that is installed on the Vista machine and preventing you from successfully networking to (but not from) the Vista machine.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the advice, what you said all makes sense. The only problem is that I had already disabled the firewall on both computers and time syncing to is setup on both computers along with the go_flex so no luck I'm afraid.

Any other ideas?


Noob Whisperer
No... except to say that, for the most party third party firewall and third party security suites cannot be disabled. They need to be completely uninstalled and then followed up with the vendor specific proprietary removal tool a partial list of which can be found here
And I don't suspect the issue is with both computers only the Vista computer since you do not seem to have any trouble networking from it, only to it.

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