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Jun 9, 2009
Hello everyone:

Could someone please help me? I have an Asus P6T Deluxe v2 mobo. I have sucessfully installed previous versions of Win 7 ie build 7100 and 7127 on a WD Raptor.

Recently, I replaced the Raptor and did a clean install of 7127 x64 on an Intel x25-M SSD.

Does anyone know if Windows 7 supports SSD? I understand that if it detects an SSD, that defrag tools would not work, however, mine seems like it would defrag the drive if i used the defrag tool in accessories.

Also, Do you know if I should install the chipset and audio drivers that are available for my mobo. Asus has Win 7 x64 drivers for this mobo. Should I install them?

I have an OCZ Vextex. As far as I understand it, it's not that Defrag does not work, but Win7 disables services that would wear the SSD. But you can always do them manually.

You can check the properties of your disk, indexing checkbox should be uncheck, telling you Win7 recognizes it was an SSD.

If Asus has newer drivers, why not ? althought you can just see what works and not if you don't want to add beta drivers to the mix.
AFAIK SSD's don't need defragging. They can access any location on the drive at any time because they have flash memory (like USB's .... but more advanced/faster)

Yes install the drivers, make sure they're the latest versions otherwise you'll run into problems with media and gaming.
Run the WEI and Windows should detect you have an SSD and turn defrag, indexing and superfetch. These were all designed to improve performance on HDD's which your SSD does not need.
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