Win7 x64 cannot show Adobe Acrobat reader thumbnails in explorer

Hi all,

I am new here so i'll ask for you help if I can.

I cannot get the thumbnails coming up in explorer on win7 sp1 professional.

I have all the .psd, jpeg, .bmp, .cr2, raw and everything else working but not the .PDF.

I have tried everything, uninstalled, reinstalled, foxt pdf, x-change pdf and all sorts of thumbnail tweaks you name it, deleted acrobat reg entries etc etc.......I tried the fix created by the pretenciousname person who made a proggy to fix the issue, didnt work.

PLEASE PLEASE anyone any help here would be muchly apreciated


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Try right clicking on the drive select properties, and click the Customize tab.
Change the setting for what kind of drive do you want to "Pictures" and see what happens.

To tell the truth the PDF preview seems to show up on my computer no matter which on I have selected but changing the setting might do it.

If that doesn't work check this out...

Fixes for 64-bit Adobe Reader preview handler and thumbnails


thanks mike,

i will try the customize tab...i have tried the fixes which you have linked to BTW, but thankyou very much mike


Didnt work mike......any other helpers??

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