Win7x64 SP1 cant copy files to a shared network folder, window hangs

I have three computers both running windows 7 ultimate x64 with service pack 1. plus the latest updates from windows update, plus all optional updates except for languages.

PC1 is a HP Desktop hardwired
PC2 is a Dell Desktop hardwired
Lap1 is a HP laptop wireless/hardwired(sometimes)

This issue happened after SP1 update. On computer PC1 i have a shared folder. When i try to copy or move a single file that is relatively small (under 50mb), from PC2 or Lap1, and move it to PC1 it works with no glitches.
When i try to do a similar move with a file that is larger, or try to do multiple files then the copy/move process starts and then after about 1 minute passes and the window is still saying that it is copying but nothing is happening. The system is stuck in that position. Then when i try to cancel the copy dialogue box that windows is then stuck in canceling action and the window remains. The only way to get ride of the window is to cancell the explorer task or to restart the computer. Even doing a restart or shutdown when that window is up, prevents the computer from restarting.

From what i read in other forums/threads has been to do two things
apply the hotfix of KB2492806
and to run a code in cmd of
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disabled

i still have the issue after doing the above and am lost in what to do now.

any other help or links anyone can provide would be great.

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