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Windows 8 Win8 VERY slow to access files -Green ribbon of slow death


New Member
Dec 16, 2012
So I have just built a new computer and Installed Win8. The motherboard, processor, and system drive are all brand new Intel stuff; the media drive is a new Seagate. Programs get up and running just fine, but I have transferred my files over from my old xp machine, and Win Explorer is very slow to access them.

I'll open a folder, and more often than not the thumbs will not be there; I'll then try to open or preview a file and I'll get the green progress bar over the address bar. This will often take up to a minute or more to run, and if I leave it be then the icons will usually appear and the files will then be accessible. If I try to open or preview a file before it's done things lock up on me.

After navigating away from that folder and allowing some time to pass however, the thumbs dissapear again and I am back to square one. sometimes the thumbs will reappear all on their own. this seems to be an issue whether we're talking large files or small, or folders with 100's of files or as few as 8. The very same files are instantly accessible by the new comp from the original locations on my external USB drive and on my xp machine over the network. Once they are copied to the new machine is when things get bogged down. This seems to be the case both on the system drive and the media drive.

Furthermore, right from the very beginning, I've had icons disappearing and reappearing from my start menu apps page.

I have tried the following to resolve the problem:
- I have optimized the folders in question for both the types of media therein, and back to "General Items" again
- I have disabled indexing both on the drives themselves and in the libraries control panel
- I have run a full system virus scan with Bit Defender
- I have contacted Windows support and they have run a scan that showed Windows itself to be working properly

One thing that occures to me is the problem seems to be with the SATA drives and the SATA drives only, but if there's something wrong with the mother board wouldn't my programs have trouble opening too?

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be grateful to hear them.
On the metro UI you may need to be careful. I think I remember if you hit the space bar twice with a tile selected, it would disappear. I have not tried that in the final release.

Your original files were on the XP machine, if I understand your situation. You copied them to folders on the new drive on your new system?

Have you tried just one file? Maybe some of them are giving Windows 8 problems. Can you right click the files and check the properties? Maybe there is some type of security situation or permission problem.

The way you describe the problem, it almost sounds like you are still accessing the files on the XP computer. I suppose if you remove the Seagate and XP machine, you can still access them?
A very helpful guy at Windows Support helped me figure out it was a setting in Bitdefender. Whew... That was really starting to stress me out for a while there.