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Windows 7 Window Doesn't See Devices


New Member
Feb 9, 2009
When ever i plug something in ill get either a message saying the device has malfunctioned or nothing. Just nothing no error message no response from the device i plugged. However the devices do seem to seem to light up, like the screen lights up on and ipod or phone? I had the problem with the printer and now i have to run it off the network.
usb problem? are the drivers working properly? check in device manager
yep i check them but now i think the front ports are just plain broken because the back ones work fine plus they dont work in xp.
all good then. maybe they are just not plugged into the usb headers on your motherboard?
I'm having the exact same printer problem. My Windows XP no longer sees my printer, but, Windows 7 does. My XP has an good cable internet connection and Windows 7 can't even find my modem..?
Thats strange is it a networked printer or usb.

It's a usb printer/fax.

It worked fine until I installed Windows 7, now, when I boot into XP I get the error message "spool/Drivers/w32x86/3/DLCCtime.dll could not be found." Bascially it's telling me I don't have the driver for my printer installed.

If I open virtual pc and open Windows 7, Windows 7 sees it and it even works....

I'm sure it's a conflict somewhere--obviously, right lol; so, I am going to repartition my drive and reinstall Windows 7 so that I have the option of booting directly into it; instead of going to XP, then through virtual pc to get to my Windows 7.

Doing it this way I think will be better for me to go down the list and mark off any problems I'm having hardware wise.

What do you think?