Window Flickering Issue (not screen-flicker)


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I have had this issue with two computer in the past.
I had an HP Pavilion TX1000 for a while and had the issue on the Vista OS.
Now I have an IBM Thinkpad T43 with Windows 7 32-bit installed and it has been fantastic up until just today.
I've looked through a lot of documentation on this issue and nothing seems to precisely match what is happening:
Sometimes when I open up a window (could be an internet browser, my email or even windows explorer) the top area and the outer edges of that specific window will flicker at a rate like a heartbeat. The screen itself is fine. Also when I try to right click on programs in my taskbar it will pop up and before I have time to click on a button it will disappear again. It's very annoying when trying to use these functions because I cannot access them.
I've already tried uninstalling my ATI Mobility Radeon X300 graphics driver software and windows automatically re-installs it upon restart. Then I restart again when prompted to and I still have the problem.
The odd thing is the flicker has not been hapenning constantly today.
It seems like when I start typing in the window (as I'm doing now) the flicker stops. When I minimize the window and bring it back it starts back up again.
I honestly CANNOT figure this out and it is getting to be a big issue as I've had it on two seperate computers and two seperate operating systems!
Please let me know if you have anything that can help.


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I've had this problem as well, it's very annoying! I often found that unplugging my USB memory stick (a Sandisk one with U3 software) resolved the issue. It may be a good idea to remove any flash drives you've got plugged in.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks! I actually figured this out before I saw the post but I do appreciate the feedback, these forums are very helpful. I felt like a dunce when I realized the only thing that wasn't a variant in my past computer and my recent one was that I used the same Sandisk U3 Smartdrive USB with both of them. I think it only causes the flickering issue when you have left it in your computer while shutting down and then starting up. That's what my problem has been anyhow.
Thanks for the help!


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Hi all,

AMAZING. I've had the same issue and i can only immagine the frustration it is causing people. When one of you mentioned a Cruzer Sandisk Usb drive, I almost kicked myself right in the forhead. You hit it right on the nail with this. How on earth did you discover this. I don't know enough about the reasons why this is happening. Could someoone perhaps give some light on how this is happening? Does it have to do with the Software that's installed on it for the extra E3 Start Menu that you get with the drive as it's pluged in? But yes it does have a problem after you've shut down and started up with it plugged in. With so many people having this issue this cant be the only solution. Any thoughts?

A very curious Computer Builder,
Benjamin O'Donnell