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Hi guys,

I am new here and just moved to Windows 10 after using windows 7 for 5 years. I used to have a lot of themes and customisation done in Windows 7 using themes and icon packs However, I want a dark mode in windows 10 like a fully dark mode not a theme using contrast or something along these lines.

I tried some tutorials online but it only gave me dark mode in the folders and like the file explorer not the full overall, this was annoying for me as for a few tabs and folders I have black and all of a sudden i have a software open with complete white colours. I tried following this dark mode tutorial but again was only in the folders.
Is there anyway I can override this like using a darker theme by playing around in the contrast?

Btw I am on the latest release 1903 build.

Thank you


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Developed programs don't always rely on the Windows theme so they can't be changed.


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The title bar is called the accent color. It's not technically supported to set it black, but you can do it from the registry.

Open regedit and navigate to the following key

Edit the AccentColor value to ff000000 hex and that should make the title bar black