Windows 10 laptop restarts automatically on booting


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My laptop with win 10 OS has a problem. When I stat my computer, it boots the login screen and then shutdowns without any problem. On search, I found that function key F8 will open the troubleshooting options to help me restore the settings but pressing F8 on start screen does not open anything on my laptop. Please help me what to do with this?

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What version of Windows 10 IS are you running? Home/Pro/Student?

Second, what BUILD & VERSION are you using? The easiest way to find out is go to your START Menu 》Control Panel anx within the search bar type in "About Windows" (no quotes).

Also what make, model, brand, hard disk drive type, and memory so you have?

When it does the abnormal reboot can you still use the computer afterwards?

So basically what you are saying is that if you are coming from a "cold start" your computer starts properly and loads to your lock screen in where you enter your password (or PIN) and username (if not already there) and then just all of a sudden reboots?


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I is a hp compact with windows 10 home, 2GB RAM. That is all I know. As I can no start my laptop and am unable to login because of the problem, The laptop does not let me enter the user name or password, just by showing the login screen system shuts down.


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You need to press some function key during power up sequence to enter your bios. Download the manual to find out which.
B.t.w. which HP is it, see label on the back side.


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Have you downloaded new W10 drives from the HP and Brother sites?
If you leave out/remove both printers and reboot, does Outlook function then and keeps it functioning?
Is internet working when Outlook refuges to send/receive email, you can open web pages, download...?
How are the printers connected, wireless, Bluetooth, with cable?
Did you receive error messages or are they in the log?


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Thanks. This has no proper solution, It is a hardware issue and I bought a new hard disk. This solved my problem.