Windows 10 on Acer Aspire Switch 10 with 32GB SSD, 8GB free ?

I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 tablet/mini-laptop that came pre-loaded with Win8. I received the upgrade to Windows10 update months ago and finally removed it because it seemed my "reservation" languished forever. Now I'm sort of ready to upgrade, after 6 months or so of using WX on another machine and getting a "warm & fuzzy" that it's relatively stable.

But the Acer Switch 10 has some serious limtations, and mine has a limitation that may be fatal.

From what I've read, the Switch 10 boots using a separate "recovery" partition that's invisible to users. I've read that if I ever need to restore WX, I'll have to first recover to W8. Any comments from anyone who might know for sure if that's correct ?

My Aspire tablet came with a 32GB SSD. I don't have much on it, but nevertheless, I have 8.3 GB of free space, even after compressing the drive. I read that I need at least 9GB free for WX to install. Do I need EXACTLY 9GB, or approximately 9GB, or will booting through the recovery partition enable me to install with the space I have ?

If I upgrade to WX, with my minimal free space to spare, will I be able to downgrade to W8 if poop happens ?

And lastly, I'm hoping against hope that somebody reading this has already upgraded an Acer Aspire Switch 10 successfully ? If so, any comments, advice, suggestions ? This looks like another "without a net" upgrade that will either work perfectly, or leave me with a useless $300 brick. If it's as risky as I think it may be, Win 8 isn't looking all that bad.

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If you're doing an upgrade it will require more space than 9 GB. The reason for this is because the old Windows install is maintained. Windows 7 and 8/8.1 keys can be used to do clean installs now. I would recommend backing up any data and do a clean install since you are limited on space. You can create a installer with this Windows 10 scroll down and get the media creation tool.

Thanks Neemobeer. Your reply makes sense. I don't want to be the first person attempting this upgrade, so I'll look around in various forums to see if anyone else has successfully done it yet. Win8 really isn't all that bad on this device. For the time being I may just leave well enough alone.

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I don't have a tablet but have read some threads which suggest an external drive might be utilized if local space in insufficient. During the install, if space is limited the install may suggest you use extra space available.

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