Upgrading to windows 10 on a separate new ssd


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Im on windows 7 at the moment and I think its about time I upgrade to windows 10. My concern is i've had the hdd my os has been on for like 7-8 years so I want to get an ssd to move the os onto.
Omegle PutLocker https://pnrstatus.vip/ Can someone explain to me a way or point me towards some resources that can explain how I can move my os related files (downloads folder, documents, pictures, videos, etc) to the sdd and also install/upgrade to windows 10 on the sdd
Ideally I would like to do this without having to completely format my current old hdd with the os on it so I dont have to make backups or reinstall too much stuff but if theres no other choice im fine with it.

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All Windows 7 licenses have been proactively upgraded to Windows 10 licenses, so you should have no problem.

  • Download Windows 10 craetion tool here Download Windows 10
  • Create a usb or dvd
  • Install Windows 10 on the SSD
  • At most you'd need to re-enter the product key and at the least Windows 10 may activate on it's own.

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