Windows 10 Password Reset Difficulty

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 and I am having difficulties opening my windows user desktop account. It appears my original laptop password to access my desktop has been altered to my windows account password. I cannot remember my windows outlook password and have attempted to recover it via the windows site to no avail . I cannot supply enough details to recover my password. When I attempt to use my previous password prior to upgrading to Windows 10 (The last password on my laptop device) I still can't open my account. Does anybody have any tips what I can do ???

Hope Somebody Can Help Me !


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Boot in to safe mode (hold shift while clicking the restart option found under the Power icon on the login screen) and see if you can login as the local administrator account.

You should be able to then make a local administrator account that you can use to access your computer when you restart back into normal boot mode. (remember the local administrator account is disabled in normal boot mode that is why I suggest making another account with admin privileges).

Use your new local account to migrate all your documents over, make a NEW Microsoft Account if you wish to do so, then convert your local profile to use a Microsoft Account.

If when you boot in to safe mode you cannot login to the Administrator account because it has a password or you've forgotten it, then you'll want to use something like Lazesoft's Recover My Password to reset it. (don't think this will work on your MSA account you've forgotten the password to though).


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Anther way is bypass the Microsoft account password with PCUnlocker Live CD. Good luck!

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