Windows 10 v.1803 iso Mount Failure

mAxine mAxwell

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Dear Gurus:

I have a HPElite8300sff with a DVD burner and HPEliteBook840 without a DVD burner. Both are running Windows 10 64bit, v.1803. I was able to install Adobe CS with valid 10- user license, with a good ISO file.

Now. I want to install the ISO on a Dell, Windows 10 64bit v.1803, Latitude 5580, Drive Letter “D” unused, without a DVD burner. When I mount the ISO, the image mounted as “D:,” the app installer opens up. I try to run SetUp.exe and encounter an error which stalls the whole process: Please insert the Disk “Adobe CS”!

I try to reboot the System and to repeat the process. To No Avail. I check on ComputerManagement> DiskManagement: the ISO is mounted as Drive Letter “D.”

Help. Please. What Went Wrong?

Maxine NyNy


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First, Windows 10 v1803 is at its EOL (End of Life) within a couple, three months here. Might I suggest you download the Windows 10 (May 2019) v1903 ISO and install that patch onto your computers and try again with the Adobe CS installation?

Second, download RUFUS and grab yourself a USB flash drive that can contain all of the Adobe CS installation files. Next, use RUFUS to set up the Adobe CS ISO onto your flash drive and use the flash drive to install Adobe CS. (Although I do use a Virtual Drive to mount ISOs; I do like this way better. :wink: )

Sometimes, large ISO files and older BIOSes do not play well with each other. You can also try using a different ISO Virtual drive mounting program (like Elaborate Bytes' Virtual Clone Drive) maybe the Virtual driver (.SYS) does not like your computer for some strange reason. I have had two identical computers that I have built with identical parts and one computer took to a hard drive cloning just fine; but the other I had to install the software the students needed individually instead of cloning (using an ISO, basically) including the drivers, go was what it was.

Incidentally, when was the last time you checked for updated firmware (BIOS / UEFI updates) and drivers for your computers?

Hope this helps...