Windows 10 will not connect to certain websites after Upgrade


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I thank all of you for your help as this was a real pain! I am going to buy a new router once I determine that this really was the problem. The old router works fine on the wired connections it's just not up to the latest wireless n specs.
It is possible your router has picked up some malware and a firmware reset would flush it out... if you already got a new one then nevermind mate.

Like many in this business I started out that way also and then one day I felt the calling and realized most were appreciative but some were abusing the situation so I "went rogue" and went into the business!:)

If you see mostly new pcs then what you say is highly possible but generally because I am a business, they mostly call me when their old clunker either quit or won't do something they need it to do.
Hi @RichM I'm happy you got the calling. I see every make and model here at Golden Oaks. I'm well paid with hugs and lots of home made goodies. I guess that is my calling. Any way I love what I do. God has blessed me financially and I don't need the money.
I paid Uncle Sam over 25,000$ this year, I didn't show all the peach cobblers I got from my seniors.
I have never heard of anyone being called to the computer business before. Congrats on that!;)

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