Windows 10 will not connect to certain websites after Upgrade


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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 over a month ago. I noticed immediately that I could not connect to certain websites, mainly https websites, such as financial sites. I never had this problem before. After researching online, I learned that I could flush the DNS cache and then connect. It would work for a few minutes and then I would have to flush the cache again. This happened for a few days and then the problem went away. It began again two days ago. I have other computers in the house running Windows 10 with no problem, so it is not a router or internal network problem. It just occurs on one machine. I have to run a Flush DNS utility several times to do banking, pay bills, etc. Very frustrating!


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I probably did when I first had the problem, and don't even remember what forums. But thanks for the middle finger and right back at you! I thought these forums were about helping each other and not about being dicks.

Hi Tony! This is a great forum. There are people out there that spam and post on help forums for mischief. I see you joined this forum 2012.
I'm surprised you don't understand why the staff here frowns on getting help on other forums while getting help here.
I think you need to grow up a little. Please do not start a word war here on this thread.
Has any help forum had a answer for you??

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Obviously, from my post you can tell that I am not spamming all Window's forums. I plainly stated that I had the problem when I first upgraded and did some research at that time. The problem went away and I happily forgot about it until two days ago. I remembered that I had posted to this forum in the past with problems and got good responses, so in desperation, I decided that I would post here to see if I could find a permanent solution. Then I received your response. All I can say is WOW! If you have the answer and are holding back, shame on you!

Hi Tony !Please except my sincere apologies ! No I don't have the answer, but I'm sure someone here will reply to your issue. Again I apologize!
I think I screwed up!

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Hi Tony! I'm sure you have tried different browsers or maybe reset your browser!


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Thanks, no problem. It's just that this is extremely frustrating as I have searched for every variation on this problem and had thought that I had it fixed weeks ago. The Microsoft forums are no help. The common response to this is to flush DNS cache, which works temporarily but then the problem resumes. I saw enough users out there with this problem to make me think that Microsoft should be working on some kind of patch for it. I was thinking of reverting to Windows 7, but I am sure that this problem would now occur there too.

Hey Tony! Here's a whole lot of things to check for. May I ask what anti-virus you are using!
It seems to me that you are trying to connect to secure web sites and I'm thinking the answer is common to those kind of sites!
How to Fix if You Can't Access a Particular Website

I'm trying very hard to help you with this issue. I owe you big time for being wrong on my my first reply!
I'm trying every thing I can think of.;) Going to give it a rest until I hear back from you.


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Thanks for all of your replies. For the record, I am using Firefox as my default browser and have updated my network adapter drivers to the latest. I have three other machines in the house running Windows 10, none of which have had this problem. I compared settings on this machine, which is my main PC, and to one of them and everything appears to be the same. Yesterday I was trying to pay a bill and could not access the website and went to another PC and was able to access it successfully.
I have tried Microsoft Edge and even the old IE that you can access on Windows 10 with the same results. I found an executable file that someone created to run Flush DNS and have that on my desktop. It generally works, but I have to do it over and over again. I am going to try the various fixes provided in the link you sent in your reply and will let you know if anything works. Thanks again for all of your help!!!

Your very welcome! I hope you find a solution to your issue. I'm going to put myself in time out for being a grumpy old fart.:rofl:
I think we got that part solved;). Sorry for my attitude Tony! I will watch your thread. Maybe other members will reply latter!


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Hi tony! I see you have posted this on other help forums. The staff here on Windows Forum frowns on that, so I will not answer.;)
Windows 10 will not connect to certain websites after Upgrade
This is absolutely not the case and the goal is to help the user in anyway possible either by us or another forum. To be fair Holdum 333 has only recently joined and so may have misread something somewhere, which I might add, I've done plenty of times myself. :)

Thanks @kemical ! I messed up! I hope Tony understands and he gets his issue solved. I'm going to do better.
This is a great forum and some great people hang out here! I'm still learning.


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Back to the problem, you need to flush the DNS table and that helps only for a short period. And you are only experiencing this on one computer.
Maybe you could show us the IP settings of that computer?
(Windows key and R, type cmd and type in the cmd window ipconfig /all)

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Thanks Bochane. I just saw this now. I will do that later when I am home. It is only on the one computer that was most recently updated, all of the others do not have this problem. Also, to reiterate, I never experienced this problem before with Windows 7 prior to the upgrade.


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OK. I may be of interest to see the same output on a computer that does not show this behaviour. We will see...


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Of course today it is operating fine. I will post the IP file when it acts up again, probably tomorrow. Thanks.


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Hi tony,
Just chiming in here, but it would be helpful to have your hardware specs. Please go to and download free SPECCY diagnostic and upload output text result back here.

You mentioned like 3 other computers on your router that all work on the website in question. Would it be possible for you to post back the url of that website. It's possible it could be having problems and on someone's blacklist too. Could we also get the make and model of your router, and who is your ISP too?

Lastly, have you tried disconnecting the computer (is it a Desktop PC or laptop?) from your router, unplugging the router from your DSL or Cable modem (provided by your ISP) and ONLY connecting the W10 computer directly to the Ethernet port on the back of your Broadband modem (DSL or Cable)? If so, what result do you get? If the problem abates, there is a good chance you have some setting in your wifi router that you are not aware of, or a block list set up or NAT incorrectly set etc. that only affects the one computer, but is solved by the bypassing of the router. At this point, it could be a simple setting or two within the router that's affecting that specific computer (that's why we need the SPECCY report to inspect your hardware environment of that computer).

If the problem persists in the single computer test setup above, I would suggest that your W10 has some kind of problem, a virus/malware that you haven't been able to detect and remove, or some other Windows corruption possibly in the registry. In that case, I would suggest you try the following in order after first backing up any and all personal data on that computer to external media first!
Attempt a System Restore prior to the time you encountered problems with the website in question
2.) Attempt a Windows in-place upgrade repair
3.) Attempt a Windows Reset from factory media or built-in hard drive partition
4.) Attempt a Windows Reinstallation from factory media or generic OEM boxed retail media (W10 Home/Pro)

Probably a 90% or better chance this will resolve your problem if your computer has the problem on the single computer connected to modem test setup. I've not included hardware testing, but if item #1 fails above, I'd encourage you to run both SEATOOLS on your bootdrive on that computer as well as MEMTEST. You may be familiar with both of these. Upgrading older computers, especially from a computer that came from the factory with Win7 on it could be as old as 7 years old this year, and the hard drives begin to fail in all computers > 3 yrs. or so. If you haven't replaced the hard drive on that Win7 computer since you opened it from the box when new, you should consider both of these tests prior to attempting repair items #2-#4.

Looking forward to your specs and further information,
Best of luck, :encouragement:


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Thanks BigBearJedi. As I posted last night, it was working fine. I was trying hard to make it give me the error, but it would not. In my original post, I said that when I first did the upgrade, for about 2-3 days, I kept getting these connection errors and then it stopped, until last week. I didn't post the ipconfig /all printout, since everything was fine.
In answer to your questions, this is a desktop. My ISP is Optimum (Cablevision) and I have their router, which is a DLink AC1750. This computer is connected to it by wire. The hard drive is new. I migrated my Windows 7 build to an SSD in December. It worked fine and I had no problems until the upgrade.
I am going to try your suggestions over the next few days, even if it is working correctly for the time being. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and advice. I'll let you know if I get this fixed.

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