windows 10 - your pc has run into a problem system thread exception not handled - after update


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Hi, after my PC ran an automatic update last night I've been receiving the following message when starting up -

Preparing to to auto repair....

Blue Screen -

:( your pc has run into a problem system thread exception not handled

My computer is literally less than a month old. I've barely even begun using it.

I've tried to boot off of the Windows disk I was supplied, to no avail. I originally got a loading message as the disk ran, which eventually returned me to the error message. Now when I try to load off the disk, a Windows icon appears with the loading circle, and eventually I'm back at the error message.

I also created a startup usb, which would take me to a screen which said my PC needed to be repaired and gave the error code: 0xc000000f

The options available were retry or startup repair, when I pressed the respective buttons for either of those, the screen would flash back to the same message.

The usb recovery disk was created on a Windows 8 computer, so not sure if that would be compatible, although I read online it was.

Please help. Although my PC is still under warranty, I really don't want to be trudging back to the shop to get it repaired if I can fix it myself.

thanks in advance


Just noticed when pressing one of the function buttons, to initiate the boot option I sometimes get a message saying the hard disk failed to respond press f1 to continue. Which I do and I then receive the option from where to boot. The hard drive is a seagate 1tb. I can't see that being the issue surely, after a month? Also this message doesn't appear everytime. Other occasions i go straight to the boot from menu and go to the did drive with the windows 10 disk inserted and a press any key to boot from cd or dvd message appears. I press any key, sometimes a Windows icon appears with a loading symbol, which eventually returns me to the handling error message. Other times it just freezes on the press any key screen.



Sorry the exact message regarding the hard drive is: 4th master hard disk: S.M.A.R.T command failed. Press f1 to resume.

to be honest I'm hitting all the f1 keys as I don't actually know which one works nowadays. It used to be esc or f12 but that doesn't seem to bring up the menu and I can't find any advice online as to what should be the boot button for Windows 10. So I could technically be pressing something which is requesting another option that isn't available.

when i press f1 it says checking nvram. That then brings me to the please select boot device menu, where I have three (four if recovery usb is plugged in).

Options are:

SATA: 4M-ST2000DM001-1ER164

im assuming that's the hard disk. When that options entered the handling message appears.


Which I mentioned above doesn't work. And the third option is

Network: Realtek PXE B02 D00

which doesn't work either.

i have a Windows 8 laptop, which I could connect the hard disk from the Windows 10 PC to, and access the Windows folders from there if that would help? If there's some way I can correct what is affecting the boot, using the laptop?

which I've mentioned above


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As you actually have the windows disk try booting into the bios and change the boot order so that DVD is first, boot off the disk and press any key when prompted. See if you can either use Windows restore to go back before the update or try a reset.

You could always try booting into safe mode?
4 Ways To Boot Into Safe Mode In Windows 10


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Hi thanks so much for getting back to me.

How would I go about that? Sorry I'm not too savvy with Windows 8 or 10. Stuck in the old school way of booting with a floppy disk.


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Boot options: SATA your harddisk; CD/DVD; PXE is network boot

The messages 'Hard disk failed to respond' and 'SMART command failed' with all failing install repairs makes me believe that the harddisk is the prime suspect.

I would suggest to returning to the shop

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Thanks, will give them a call today so I can return it. I had a horrible feeling it'd be the hard disk after seeing those messages.


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Many thanks both. As the computer is still under its 30 day returns policy, I've ordered a replacement for tomorrow and the broken computer will be collected at the same time.


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Hi both, before sending back to the shop I've decided to backup some important files from
the broken computer. I plugged the hard drive in to the laptop (using a dock) and have had no issues obtaining the data I needed from there. Does this mean the hard drive is okay and it's actually Windows that is corrupted? As I've experienced in the past whilst trying to obtain data from a broken hard drive, it's really quite tricky as the drive doesn't read correctly, right?

If that is the issue, and it is Windows that's corrupted due to an issue with the auto update, is there a way I could fix whatever is missing from the Windows directory using the laptop? Or alternatively, wipe the hard drive and install Windows on there again?

Btw PC world completely messed up the replacement order so it looks like I won't be receiving the new PC until Tuesday next week. Useless...


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You can always test the drive using something called Seatools: SeaTools | Seagate (works on any drive apart from SSD)

The fact that you couldn't even clean install even when booting from disk could mean that something is very wrong.