windows 7 64 bit problem

i had installed windows 7 (RC candidate build 7100)on my Dell studio 1555 laptop which had windows sp1 32 bit home premium. I had opted for clean install. My problem is that it worked like a dream for almost 3 weeks . But after a normal shut down now comp won't boot,it just freezes when the animated windows logo comes.
I had installed partition magic and tried to run it on laptop while it was running,is this the cause of problem...?

Upon running diagnostics test provided by dell the SATA drive I found that didn't had any problem(i passe d all the tests like SMART longs self test,seek test,verify test), But in recovery console or by reinserting DVD I could not find intial partition where I had installed OS.(The reserved partition was visible).Neither I was able to use the factory settings command to restore it to factory settings.

After this I tried loading vista 32 bit (home premium) in its console I could see the partition where I had installed my OS , but it could not be formatted or partitioned .It was asking for drivers (it was shown as unallocated drive completely empty)

Any solutions....??
(Ijust want my laptop up and running again, if data i not lost great, but for me time is of essence)
plz reply asap...

4 gb ram
320 gb hdd
512 mb ATi Raedon 4570

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do you have an extra HDD? I would have to say it was probably partition magic, my dell 1501 runs supremely with win 7 rc 64bit... have you tried the restore stuff on your RC disc?


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Hello ands welcome,

I would suspect Partition Magic as well.

Is there any reason you needed it?

Windows 7 already has built-in many options for partitioning, so a 3rd party program is not really necessary.

Do you have a restore point to go back to?

Try tapping the F8 key until you get the screen where Repair my Computer, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, etc.

Choose repair my computer and you'll get an option to perform a restore.

Otherwise, without a bootable partition, you'll need to do a complete re-install.

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