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Peter Hugill

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I am booting from windows 7 64bt disk, I have two partitions, but I am getting the message can not install on a gpt style. This laptop had windows 8 on it

can anyone advise
That message occurs when you have booted into the MBR (Legacy) version of Windows 7, which will not install on a GPT configured drive which UEFI requires and just about any OEM Windows 8 installs will be set up that way.

When you boot your system, go into the boot device menu. You should see two entries for your DVD drive. One showing just the drive and one showing a UEFI version of the drive. Pick the DVD drive annotated with UEFI.
I don't see how a graphics driver would be involved at this point.

What is the current state of your Hard Drive? Do you just have the one drive, and no mSATA or small SSD?

What message do you get if you boot the Legacy install version?

But to be clear, you can boot the Install Media and go through the process until you get to the Partitions dialog? When you try to create a partition, you get the message?

If Windows 8 is completely gone, you might remove the previous partitions and let the install proceed on the unallocated space.
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