Windows 7 activation already cracked with Lenovo's OEM license key (Engadget)


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Sort of funny that Microsoft made a big show of handing over the Windows 7 RTM code to Lenovo and other manufacturers last week -- the first activation crack for the OS has just appeared, and it's based on Lenovo's OEM license key. Oops. The crack apparently works with 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 Ultimate, and it apparently passes Genuine Advantage, so things are looking good for all ...


i was just thinking about when someone is going to do an OEM crack like they did with Vista. way sooner than i expected. looking forward to this hitting torrent trackers in time for October 22

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So your looking forward to illegally activating Windows 7?...

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Windows 7 activation already cracked

I don't know why it's such a surprise that it's already cracked since Windows 7 and Vista have a lot in common. I'm also amused by the people having a flap about it being not legit when more than one has boasted about getting a leak from a friend with connections. What's the difference between getting it from a bud with a key and getting from a torrent and using some crack? It's still unauthorized use in both cases. At some point MS will get tired of turning a blind eye and take action.

well i sure as hell ain't paying $200 a crack to upgrade 3 of my Vista Ultimate machines. thinking of buying a Home Premium full retail disc though. i'll make my activation decisions when i have a legit copy of Windows 7 in my DVD drive

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