Windows 7 Windows 7 Enterprise Activation Troubles


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Hello. I have recently found an old Dell Optiplex 7010 that my family was going to throw away, which was from my aunt's old job. It runs Windows 7 Enterprise, is locked with the business's credentials and I really want to see if I can downgrade it to Windows 7 Home so I can upgrade it to Windows 10, make it functional. I have already bypassed the administration password. However, there is a problem:

It believes my current product key is not genuine. The product key is literally on the tower with the sticker, but it consistency says something like, "This key is invalid, please enter a Windows 7 Set-up or a proper 7 Enterprise Activation Key." I have tried other keys online, and they won't work either.

I really want to breath some life into this old PC and prevent my aunt from having to spend who knows how much on a new one. Please help this college freshman out, thanks in advance.
There are no Windows 7 activation servers, so that's likely why you're having issues. You should be able to just upgrade to Windows 10 then activate it with a Widows 7 or 10 home key. It has to be a retail license. Typing slui 4 at the run dialog box will bring up the activation window