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May 6, 2009

I forgot to put the key in while I was installing and it skipped over it. Everytime I run certain programs (calc.exe for example) I have the damn Windows Genuine Notification garbage popup. How or where can I enter the key I have?

go into the control panel then click system, at the bottom it has "Windows activation" you should see a place that says "Change product key"
There's no place that says that for some reason.. hmm..

Right now it says Product ID: Not Available
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did you click on the notification pop-up? in XP the WGA i think it sent me to a site where i could input a key or buy a legit copy or something? it's been a while since i seen that so i'm not 100% sure there was a place to put in the product key though.. might be worth a try.

found this, (method 1 was just changing it under system)

Method 2: Command Prompt
1. Click on start and type command (cmd) with run as administrator option
2. Now type following command
“slmgr.vbs -ipk <insert your new product key here>â€Â￾
3. To activate windows after changing the key, run “slmgr.vbs -atoâ€Â￾ <<i killed the link because i'm not sure how they feel about off site links, so you'll have to c&p. :p
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You may have been given an alternative path by BT, who has customised his CP.
Enter the Control panel. Enter "System and Security. Enter "System"
Now. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see the activation option referred to.

It should rarely be needed to try instructions in the Command Prompt. Without experience of using it, it could incur harm to your software.
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