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    We recently have new system with Windows 7 and Office 2007 installation. We installed SAP ECC 6. 0 and SAP GUI 7.20 with the latest Path (Patch Level 3). Most of the standard SAP reports are built with Excel features. When we run any of these reports, a blank Excel sheet is always opened before the report is displayed in Excel 2007 format. This was not the issue with Windows XP/Office 2003.
    After contacting SAP support the following recommendations were suggested based MSDN KB Article 2009802:

    1. Upgrade to Office 2010 or higher.
    3. Uninstall Service Pack 2 from Office 2007.

    We tried both the solutions and the issue still remains the same. It is going to be inconvenient for users to keep closing the blank excel sheet every time they run the report or multiple reports.

    Please advise.

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    A SAP
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    Since the knowledge base article seems to associate this behavior with OLE calls to object with either built in macros or activeX controls, have you considered making adjustments within Excel 2007 on the individual machines as to how they handle security settings regarding macros and activeX, you can make such changes from within the "Options" "Trust Center" "Trust Center Settings" button. Not sure if it will help in your particular case, but it might be worth looking into.
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    Blame it on something else yeah right
    SAP = Sorry A$$ program
    They upgrade ours to 6.0 also
    They say this works great for the number punchers who wants to see graphs and such but from my end it is total crap. Warehouse and parts it sucks.

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