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Im a bit of a newbie on this forum, and an IT Admin at that (shock horror!) So, i dont spend too much time worrying about desktops. What i would like to know from the Win7 boffins is: Can Windows 7 users configure\make use of the new MS Server 2008 R2 feature File Classification Infrastructure? This basically will allow admin to classify shared folder data by certain criteria, but i want to know if the general Win7 user can also make use of this functionality, to possibly classify the file\folders themselves?

Any theories will be greatly appreciated.


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Windows 7 does not have this type of flexibility. It has libraries, but not the type of "group policy" extensibility on files. It can only be managed from the network, and through the Server 2008 R2, as it is a feature that is inherent to the server OS. It is not built into the client (yet).

Thanks Mike, really appreciated!

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