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I've ahd Windows XP installed for a long time but I wanted to give a try to Windows 7 so I did. I really like it so I decided to completely remove my XP beacause I wasn't using it anymore. I used Gparted to delete my XP partition and move/enlarge my Windows 7 one. Everything went fine this process.

After the reboot my computer wouldn't see the Windows 7 OS. So I thought it would be a problem with the boot sequence beacause I had deleted the boot.ini of XP. So I booted on my W7 disc in order to do a "repair start up task" but it doesn't work beacause it cannot see my Windows 7 installed.

Is there another way to fix the problem, I've tried bcdedit in command line but it gave me an error as if the file was msising or somewhat.

Thanks a lot and I've read about GRUB in another thread could it be a solution ?

P.S. : BTW I'm writting it from school so I can't give you the exact same errors I've got beacause I can't remember but if you need so, i'll edit at home.
A repair install may work for you. I did this recently with pretty good success. Only bluetooth and Adobe Reader had to be fixed after the repair install in my case.

Here are 2 links that explain how...
Langa Letter: XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option -- Windows XP Management

Link Removed - Invalid URL

EDIT: Oops, that's for reinstalling XP. You want to fix Windows 7. Sorry.

Don't know if this will help in your situation or not.

How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista

BCDEDIT - How to Use - Windows 7 Forums
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i did this same thing at school with xp and server 2003. i had a trial version of xp that was going to expire soon so i had to put a real copy of xp. well in the process i deleted the boot.ini repair using the cd did not work. my teacher ended up having to manually write a new boot.ini for me by opening one on someone elses computer and transfering it. got it to work then. a clean install is the best way to go. always install the later os first. it would also be a good idea so backup your boot.ini
Thanks a lot. I used Gparted to set my c: drive as the active partition. Then I rebooted and got NTDLR missing error so I went onto the Windows 7 and went in the repair section that did see the W7 installation this time. I tried fixing it with many bootrec.exe commandes and it did work.

But when I type in my username it logs me on to a temporary users or something and I have no explorer... so I ended up reinstalling everything lol.