Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death with error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL


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Hello, everyone

This happens frequent 4 times or 5 times a week

I use my desktop windows 7 64 bit (OS 3 years old) mostly for browsing, and I use Firefox mainly for browsing what happens Firefox crashes and then a message pops up as below :

And then blue screen of death with error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Sometime even not browsing if I open a pdf document also that crashes the system and the same blue screen of death with error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL pops up

Any troubleshoot should I do to fix the issue ?


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If this happens 4~5 times per week there is probably a read/write issue that Windows cannot acquire the data from the memory. You said your Windows 7 OS is three years old. How old are your computer, hard drive, and memory?

First, and foremost I suggest you run the Windows System File Checker using an elevated command prompt (IOW - run command as administrator) like this: SFC/SCANNOW, this will help you find corrupt Windows protected files and replace them, if necessary, with uncorrupt ones. This will take a bit of time. Here is an excellent detail of how to use the SFC command like I stated or at bootup here.

Running a CheckDisk (chkdsk) is also a good idea so that if there are any other issues we can help you attend to them as well. You can find a nice detailed description here as well.

When was the last time you updated your drivers? (If you want to use a driver updater try Auslogics Driver Updater; there are e-coupons so you do not have to pay full price - I would not use a free one; they are not reliable in my opinion)

If System File Checker did not solve your BSOD issue, Nir Sofer (a.k.a. NIRSOFT) made a BSOD viewer called BlueScreenView v1.55 that can read your minidump logs that Windows creates during a BSOD. I would suggest that you run it and post your findings as an attachment to your next posting. Then we can see what the issues are.

I am on a LOT of forums and I am a person who does not like to redesign the wheel (if it works don't fix it ) :wink: so my links above explain better than I can on how to use these utilities. I am just trying to answer your response as best I can. Hope this helps...
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