Windows 7 Windows 7 boot screen stopped showing


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Feb 12, 2009

I have the windows 7 beta. I was trying to install Linux on a third partition (Vista on the first, se7en on the second and linux on the third) in my hard drive and when it finished i couldn't log into any windows partitions. I recovered them using the installation DVD for windows 7. now when i log into windows 7 it doesn't show the orbs/windows boot logo. it shows the microsoft corporation loading bar from windows vista. is there anyway i could bring it back? i loved having that cool animation before logging in my se7en!
lol i just hate stuff that reminds me of having vista...:confused:

the problem was that my animated boot logo doesn't show. it shows the old vista loading bar instead of the four orbs that form the windows logo... i just wanna get that back
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