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Betanews testers have revealed some interesting insights about windows 7 browsing performance . they have used five major browsers (Opera , Mozilla , Google chrome , safari and Inernet explorer ), testers claim that Windows xp is 13 percent faster than Windows 7 .
What do you think about this test ?

article source : computer news: Windows 7 browsing performance


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Some informal test results of my own using Sunspider benchmarks.

SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark

Method used was to run test in Win 7 first and save the test results URL and then run the same test in XP-SP3 pro
and paste the Win 7 result URL into the comparison field provided by Sunspider.

Tested was Firefox 3.5.2 and Opera 9.64 on the same computer (dual boot).

First is Firefox (click thumbnail below)

Second Opera

Draw your own conclusions.

I didn't try IE because I'm using IE 8 in Win 7 and IE 7 in XP. That would be like "apples and oranges".

Have no use for Safari or Chrome.

BTW I decided to run the same comparisons using Firefox 3.5.2 in Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit (linux).

First is Win 7 vs Linux

Second is XP vs Linux

Again make your own conclusions.

Since Ubuntu is 64 bit this may have skewed the results but interesting nevertheless.


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Benchmarks do not take into account real-world scenarios. Not to mention, no matter how much faster "Windows XP" is compared to Windows 7, Windows XP is still going to have a kernel and operating system core that is 9 years older than Windows 7 :) This means less support for newer equipment like multi-threaded applications and high-capacity and high-speed devices. And what about all the complaining of how insecure XP is? (Prior to Vista and 7 this was the primary complaint about XP)

"Do you want to download and run this executable" (YES/NO) Ok push Yes!

Blame the OS and not the guy sitting between the desk and the chair!


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Unrelated, but........

Do you know the name of the Firefox wooden skin that you're using? It looks great:)

I was a woodworker a few years back until my back problems forced me to quit.


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Re: both Drew and Mike I agree 100%. All the tests show is synthetic results not real world performance.
Win 7 RC does all I ask of it and then some. Notice I left it up to the reader to make their own conclusions.
Besides if one went by the test results one would conclude that Linux Ubuntu was a superior OS, whch it's not, yet.
Ubuntu as good as it is still can't touch Windows for gaming performance and some other things Windows does best.
Although I use Linux it's more experimental for me and is not likely to replace MS Windows especially Win 7.
I've been using Win 7 since the early beta days, as my primary OS, and I'm still impressed.
You have to look at the whole package, not just browser performance.
I really can't see any performance difference in everyday use.

Re: reghakr the theme I'm using is Walnut2. It uses Gnome icons.
An add-on search from within FireFox for "Walnut" will show both a Walnut and a Walnut2.
Walnut2 is newer and has a more polished, finished look.
Both are compatible with Firefox 3.5.2 as well as the older Firefox 3.0.x.

A version is also available for Thunderbird though not in Linux.

IMHO the best Firefox themes.


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Thanks Frank,

I did find both and installed Walnut.

I will like Walnut 2 better as it has maple wood also.

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