Windows 7 Windows 7 Build 7022 (32-Bit) Leaked


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As of 7 pm last night, Build 7022.winmain.090115-1850 was leaked to the internet.

It's of the Release Candidate branch, and appears to have a build date of January 15th, 2009.
It's hotfix #850, meaning about 450 changes since the Beta (Hotfix 400).
Mind you, those changes probably aren't that big.

Anyways, just a notification. It's probably on public channels by now, mine's downloading as we speak.
PS; Current internal version is 7034.

Updates: Screenshot, showing version #, and that IE8 is RC1

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Very nice Kyle. Keep us posted when you install it as to what if any drastic changes there are. ;) I will do the same when I have it installed on my test rig. :)
I'll be installing in a virtual machine environment tomorrow, and possibly dual booting on my desktop.
It's 32-Bit only though, which kinda sucks.
If this build officially gets released, what do we build 7000 guys do, reinstall the OS or the fixes will be available through WU?
Beta testers don't recieve upgrades to newer versions of the OS. Also, fixes to 'patch' the beta to the newest build don't exist, so basically, you're stuck with the beta unless you can get a hold of a newer build and upgrade/clean install it.

There is only the one Beta release getting dropped to the public, MS has stated they will release nothing else for testing, and no more editions to the public until the final version drops in the fall.

That being said, I changed my mind, and am installing this right now on my desktop. Almost done!
I'd be interested in finding out how it goes Kyle before I give it a try. Does seem like a whole lot of effort doing a reinstall for a few minor changes, and due to the fact that at this rate, the Release Candidate will be out in no time, does seem like a small stepping stone. Also there is only a x86 7022 leaked yeh?
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Yeah, like I said, 32 Bit only.
I've got it installed, and it seems a bit snappier.
just doing a restart after changing some minor settings, then I'm going to have a look at the resource use, and see how much I can shave off.

One thing though, it restarted like 6 times during the install. They were all 'planned' as in, there was on screen warning given, but there were no where near that many for the beta. Strange.

Will keep you updated!

Edit: So on a cold boot, with no extras installed, just Windows Updates and some cosmetic changes, I'm seeing about 440 MB of RAM taken of 3 GB ( 14%). Those are actually good numbers, considering the 64 Bit beta came in at 520 untouched.

On to optimization: After disabling unnecessary services, I'm reading 336 MB of RAM taken. Nice.

As for Disk space, we're clocking in at 6.48 GB. A little more than the beta, but less than Vista.

Looking good so far.
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Hi there
Hopefully some newer hardware devices have been added (TV cards etc).
I'm hoping an RC will appear for the X-64 bit version -- the 32 bit one with keys is already available "at the sign of the Jolly Roger".:razz::razz:

Running as a VM is fine for a lot of applications but sometimes for example in testing Network cards , Video streaming etc you need to try it on a "Physical" Machine.

My m,ain gripe so far with W7 (both X-32 and X-64) is that with some computers I can only get "Limited Connectivity" with some built in LAN cards (Wireless seems OK). Doesn't matter what I do but the LAN card won't connect.

Drivers all appear OK and whether or not IPV6 is disabled I still get the same problem.

(Upgrading from Vista seems to fix the problem but Clean install doesn't work -- even tried "back-porting" the VISTA drivers.

The LAN cards I have most trouble with are the Via Velocity Family gigabit ethernet cards --often exist on Laptops.


Update: More info on the build.

Build 7022.0.x86fre.winmain.090115-1850 is a clear indication that the Redmond giant is making headway with the development of Windows 7. The release contains a number of changes over Windows 7 Beta. Most important, users of Windows 7 will now be able to run the Release Candidate of the Internet Explorer 8 shipping as a default component with the operating system. In addition, there are also tweaks to the former Windows Sidebar, now the Desktop Gadget Gallery with a new icon, new animation effects for Windows Explorer, a new icon for Home Group, but also changes to Paint, to the way search is performed via the Start Menu and to the general stability of the platform.

The newest build, 7034, allows you to choose what OS version you use, with all 6 OS options intact.
This is due to the final build being a feature complete multi-OS DVD. It will include all versions of 7 on one disk.
so then Kyle, would it not be better just to wait and put 7034 on my 'puter? or do you think 7022 is "more better" enough to warrant a reinstall?
It depends on your level of commitment, I guess.
It was enough that I'd do it again if I had the choice, but maybe that's just me.
Besides, there's no guarantee you'll ever see 7034 or later.
I am commencing the install of build 7022 as we speak on my main PC. I too will report my findings as I go... :)
Cool, but I got 7000 working the way I like it, so I don't think I'll update till "the" RC comes out. But good to hear that it's even faster. :)
Happy to report that Windows 7 Build 7022 is now installed on my main PC and is running flawlessly.. :) I have to agree with Kyle that it is indeed more snappier than build 7000.. by quite a bit too.. Also Aero seems to have been tweaked slighty and is working a bit better than previously (though this could just be my video card driver working better too).. Memory management seems to have also been tweaked as on build 7000 with nothing touched after a clean install I would be reported as using 18% of my 4GB total and on build 7022 it's reporting only 14% of my ram is in use after a clean install with nothing touched... :) Very nice! I didn't have any driver problems with the Beta (I know some did) and yet again not a single driver problem when installing build 7022 either... As for install time, I did notice a slight increase in the total amount of time to complete the install, not alot, I'd say 2 to 4 minutes quicker to complete it but none the less, it's an improvement over build 7000 which means MS is still going in the right direction...

I'll continue to report back as I continue to install all of my regularly used apps.. Hopefully they all go as smooth as they did in build 7000....
Hi guys

Installed X-32 7022 -- and am happy with it

Just for the IE8 RC1 improvement alone it's worth installing 7022. Fixes all the issues I had with IE8 Beta.

BTW My Beta keys seem to work for activation.

My LAN card actually worked as well . I've however been warned that if you attempt to update your LAN driver via Windows update Networking (for some cards) can get hosed up so if the LAN card works uncheck any update boxes when you try Windows update.

Even for the Beta's you can still get updates for things like OFFICE and Optional updates.

Still some work needed if you use the .NET framework (3.5 is meant to be built in but doesn't seem to be hugely compatable with VISTA).