Windows 7 compatibility problems? Microsoft might have an app (or service) for that

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    Windows 7 compatibility problems? Microsoft might have an app (or service) for that | All about Microsoft |

    Microsoft is continuing to emphasize its “businesses should upgrade sooner rather than laterâ€Â￾ message with Windows 7 â€â€￾ and is using both carrots and sticks to push them to do so.
    The latest attempt to convince customers comes in the form of take-aways Microsoft officials have uncovered and are sharing publicly from some of the early Windows 7 enterprise deployments. Norm Judah, the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Services (the group that encompasses Microsoft Consulting Services, consumer support and commercial support) discussed some of these learnings and offered advice during an interview I had with him on December 7.
    While it’s pushing businesses to kick off deployment now, Microsoft isn’t suggesting enterprise users rush into things; in fact, Microsoft has been an advocate of measured, 12-month-plus evaluation, assessment, compatibility testing, deployment and training period.
    “The assessment of compatibility is turning out to be the most interesting partâ€Â￾ of the Windows 7 deployment process, said Judah, whose team is helping shepherd a number of companies through the process. “In some cases, the remedies (for compatibility problems) are fairly simple,â€Â￾ he said. (Microsoft provided, via a press release, an example of an unnamed European petrochemical company which was able to fix Windows 7 compatibility problems with more than 1,000 custom apps written in Visual Basic by changing a library module that was common to all of those apps.)

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