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May 11, 2009
So first of all I'm running build 7100 (32-bit). Have an intel E6750 2.6Ghz processor and 2GB of RAM. Today I installed Windows 7 and for some reason, everytime I put my pc under minimal stress, for example opening a tab in IE and then opening another one before the first one finishes loading, or holding down backspace, will freeze the computer for roughly about 3 minutes. Anyone experience anything similar or can input anything? Thanks in advance.
RC 1 - Freeze


I have exactly the same problem with RC build 7100. So far I have found out that it is due to very heavy disk activity beeing trigged for some reason. As you can see from the attached pictures you can in the disk-queue1.jpg picture see the disk queue gradualy builds itself up until the pc freezes for a coupple of minutes. Disk-queue2.jpg shows when the pc unfreeze.

Any good tips on how to troubleshoot further is appreciated.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T60. Can this be driver related?


I have removed Virtual Clone Drive and so far I have not had any new freezes. 12 hours and counting....:razz:
After reinstall I hade to reboot to avoid freezes

Do you have VCD installed?
does it come with windows? if not then i dont have it. only things i installed were windows live messenger
i havent had it freeze up yet (knock on wood), since i changed my monitor refresh from 59Hz to 60Hz. For some reason it was set to 59 default. Changing it to 60 made it smoother and hasnt locked up yet.
Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution in there click Advanced Settings, then click the tab at bottom that says List All Modes.

It would depend on your monitor though, but what i am thinking was on Vista it has always been at 60 Hz for me, i dont know why it would default to 59 Hz. But i def noticed a difference.
Strange. My monitor was set to 59 as well. I did notice a small difference once I changed it to 60. Thanks! :)
Turn off windows indexing services, always killed my computer now i have no problems
I am having similar problems. Since I installed Windows 7 yesterday I haven't been able to work on it for more than 15 minutes. It just freezes. I ran Windows Update and it said I had some driver updates for my monitor (Syncmaster 940BW) and an update for my video driver (Nvidia 7900GT). I installed them but after a reboot, the freezing got worse.
Now I could only use the pc for less than 2 minutes and it freezes. So I rolled back the driver for my Nvidia card and the problem was reduced again to 15 minutes after reboot freezing.

If I reboot in safe mode, then I have no freezing problems. So I'm guessing my videocard is creating the problems. I disabled hardware acceleration, but that didn't help.

I also tried an older Vista driver for the 7900GT (182,50 instead of the 185,85 designed for W7) but no improvements there.

The only things I was running were firefox, Msn messenger and sometimes an installation program (I installed Java DK and Shockwave, that's it), nothing intensive.

My setup is as follows: Core2Duo E6600, 2GB RAM, 100GB WD NTFS partition (this is where Windows 7 is installed), Nvidia 7900GT and the motherboard is an Abit AB6.
I updated the drivers for my Realtek LAN and Realtek high definition audio device and for my motherboard. But this didn't do any changes. It's just when I modify the video driver that something happens (With the newest driver my pc freezes after 2 minutes, with an older driver it freezes after 15 minutes)

The installation was a clean install and I have no other OS installed. My last OS on this machine was XP but I did run Vista on it for a couple of months without any problems.

I'd really appreciate your help because I haven't got a clue what else I can do and I really don't want to downgrade again to XP/Vista.

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm running the 7100 32bit build.

Edit2: I'm pretty sure it's the 7900GT that's causing the freezing.
I went to device manager and display adapters. I right-clicked on Nvidia 7900GT/GTO and selected uninstall. When prompted if I was sure I also confirmed the option to delete the drivers.

After a reboot (not in safe mode), Windows told me that the driver (7900GT/GTO prerelease - WDDM 1,0) was succesfully installed and I needed a reboot to let the changes take effect. I didn't reboot and I haven't had a crash since 40 minutes ago.

Everything is running fine, except for the Nvidia driver which still needs a reboot.

I looked it up and some people suggest to install a older driver in compatibility mode. Does that mean to right-click on the installation file (for example, a driver designed for Vista), Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode for > Windows Vista? Won't this just run the installation program in Vista-mode, but still run the driver itself in W7-mode?

Edit 3: After 3 hours my pc froze, without the Nvidia driver working. So I don't know what's causing it.
Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
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could it just be a faulty build? i mean i've tried everything anyone's suggested, including changin monitor refresh rate, installing older vga drivers in compatibility mode, turning off windows indexing, etc. This is getting very irritating now as I am working on a program due monday and I can't even test it, because windows will crash :mad: Windows 7 looks good but its a big disappointment in my (and many others) case :(
I found it!
I read on a forum created for tabletPC's that someone had the same problem as I had. The solution was very simple:
Go to Control Panel > Power Option > Change the Power Plan to High Performance.
That's it, no more freezing. Even though I have a Desktop that doesn't really need a power plan...

I hope I was able to help some of you because I know it's a very frustrating problem.
Hope this works, thanks

Edit: I just switched to high performance and as soon as I tried to install dreamweaver, windows crashed
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Win 7 x64 freeze

I run both x32 and x64 Win 7. Machine is Abit AN78GS, 4Gb ram, Athlon x64 Dual core 5600Mhz with SATA 500Gb HD and 2 other HD's of smaller capacities and a Radeon HD4350 graphics card. PSU is a Seasonic 430W S12II running less than 150W. No overheat problems anywhere. Main cooling Arctic Freezer plus 2 x 120mm extract fans. My main OS is XP Pro x64. I multi boot XP, Server 2003, Ubuntu 9.04 and Win 7 x32 and x64. Apart from Win 7 x64 everything works fine. Games are not played. The machine is used for software testing and emailing.

After installing every upgrade ATI release as it appears, Win 7 x32 with ATI v 9.7 now seems to be stable. However, Win x64 (which will, if I can get it working, be my preferred OS) still freezes at random intervals. ATI v 9.7 x64 is installed. The only clue seems to be with IE which accelerates the time between crashes. Beyond that it does seem to be associated with any attempt to do a disk search or a simple view of folders. However it can crash for no apparent reason at all. Switch on , login, wait and within minutes it can/will crash. Event viewers and diagnosis logs give no indication of problem. Any ideas?

XP Pro only crashes when I force it too during software testing. In other words I know when XP will crash because it is me that has created the conditions, often deliberately.
Hope this works, thanks

Edit: I just switched to high performance and as soon as I tried to install dreamweaver, windows crashed

Have you checked that all you mobo drivers are installed and up to date?
What anti-virus do you, use if any. I had a problem avg free - the resident sheild would suck up all my cpu time and stall the computer when opening larger programmes and installers.

have you tried to crash in safe mode? - if could be a running service or driver that is causing the problem

EDIT: got to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools\Advanced Tools and generate a system health report it can tell you a lot about bad services ect
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