Windows 7 Windows 7 corrupt after updating via windows update


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May 18, 2009
Sorry about the long title but I wasnt sure how else to describe it. I'm running a Dell Dimension 5100c with a new 320gb sata hd and a gig of ram. has a intel p4 3.20 dual core processor. Basicly, after I install windows 7 and get my drivers all good, everything is fantastic. no problems what so ever. once I go onto windows update and update with some of those there, windows 7 starts acting weird. Control panel's start getting corrupted, such as my power options. Only showing slider bar in the middle of the panel and some other check box's that do not have a purpose. Many programs, such as my sound card tray app, mmc, and mspaint do not run anymore giving error "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)". The only third party software installed is Google chrome, which after the update also corrupts and super small font and is red all over (I do not have a screen shot of this). Also, After updating the reliability is non existent. Sometimes it will remain stable for 12+ hours, sometimes no more than seconds after starting up. sometimes it will hang after boot, just before the welcome screen. another odd thing is that sometimes it will let me click on the start menu and that'll freeze solid but i can still click on the desktop but as soon as i click on any icon, that freezes up and then shortly after the mouse stops moving. I figured it was due to a bad harddrive so I tried another 320gb i had and same results. So to recapp, If i stay away from windows update the OS remains stable and there isn't any corruption. Once I update and reboot, all hell breaks loose. I've done this twice so far, leaving 12 hours in between. (ex: 12hours pre update, 12 after, format, 12 before, 12 after) Anyone else experiencing these issues?

PS: this was on 64bit RC 7100 build. Redownloading and going to reinstall with a fresh ISO to ensure that was not the problem.

Re-installing sounds like a good idea. Since your doing a fresh install, could I suggest doing a windows update BEFORE you manually update your drivers. Your driver updates before the windows update might be the culprit here. They may not be as compatable with Win 7 as they should be. Also, many people are reporting similar umstability. MS is still working the bugs out here so it may be a bumpy ride. I'm keeping critical info on another pair of OSes to insure peace of mind lol.

Thats an excellent idea! Never thought about that. Only 5 hours to go on my iso! I wish mspaint was working so I could post a screenshot of the control panel. its really, really odd. haha.