Windows 7 deployment and login time issue


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We've recently deployed Windows 7 64 bits in our school labs using MDT and on our image we've defined stuff in our "Default user" profile to those things are imported to any new accounts that logs on the computers.

We're also using DeepFreeze to ensure that computers will be stable till we do the whole process some other time. For those who doesnt know what Deepfreeze is, well its a client that freeze the computer in a state you want it. People could do whatever they want but when the computer reboots, its back at the state youve put it.

So you'll understand that any accounts created on the computer will be erased when the computer reboots.

Ok now, for our problem :) Our login time is REALLY too slow! Takes 2 minutes minimum to log. We've tried to find why it was slow and we do think that its coming from the number of files Windows has to copy from "Default user" to the new account.

So anyway, here are my questions:

1. How could we optimize our first login time (Regarding the fact that computers are in a frozen state) ?
2. Are there any know tweaks and good practices to do when deploying W7 in labs? Printers configs, software customizations, network shares, etc.
3. Are there new way instead of using "Default user" to configure things to every person that are login to your computers?

Thanks for your time!


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Bump ;)

So anyone else are deploying W7 in students labs or well places where you do multicasting images or such?

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