Windows 7 DVD maker problems.

I just upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, and now I'm having a problem with Windows DVD maker that I didn't have with Vista. Whenever I burn a dvd with the DVD maker, and the finished product is never what I intended. The menu comes out fine, but when I play the video on either my computer or a DVD player, the video is squished with black bars on both sides of the screen (I have a widescreen tv) the video is 16:9, and I thought at first that it was set to 4:3, which it was, so I changed the settings in it to 16:9 and burnt the disc again, with the same result. I've read the forums and found one other user having this problem, but he posted it months ago and no one ever posted to it. Anyone else having this problem? If so, how do I fix it?

Humm I though I just replied to this.. it must be another thread. I don't think it's the dvd.... probably your resolution

Start type Resolution and test some other settings.

Its not the resolution settings on the computer. When i put the dvd in my dvd player hooked up to my widescreen tv, it does the exact same thing, bars on both sides of the screen, and the video looks squicshed. I've checked the settings on the dvd player as well, and it says its set to 16:9. I've tried other settings but none of them fix it.


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This DID happen for me in Vista. I haven't tried DVD maker since I upgraded to 7 but I hoped it would be fixed by now. The only way I found around it in Vista was to put the video file into movie maker, set the aspect ratio there and then save it as a movie maker file which can be opened in DVD maker. Works perfectly for me every time in Vista but I haven't tested this in 7 yet. I hope this helps.

Tried that, didn't work.

This problem still hasn't been fixed. Even told microsoft about it and they gave me some BS response so they didn't help at all.

This could happen if the source material appears to be 16:9 but actually is 4:3 with black bars on top and bottom to begin with. You can use a tool such as Virtualdub to crop to make the source material true 16:9 if this is the case. Then load into DVD maker.

Other than that, I recommend a better authoring tool other than Windows' built-in DVD maker.

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