Windows 7 Embedded - Routing and NAT capabilities

Hello everyone,

I am about to install a Windows Embedded solution in a hardware that has an embedded switch.

This hardware will essentially have two different networks, LAN (embedded switch) and WAN (independent ethernet port). (Please note, in this case WAN is not the internet, it is another separated network with different subnet, where the only link is this Windows machine)

I need to know if it is possible to activate the routing functions in Windows Embedded 7 much the same way you can do it in Windows 7 Ultimate:
Reference -> wikihow com/Enable-IP-Routing

The main purpose is to be able to activate NAT function where I can port forward any requests from the WAN network to specific IP and ports in the LAN network.

I uploaded a diagram explaining what I need, which I hope is clear, I'm not very good at drawing these kind of diagrams... and I use MSPaint for the job most of the time.

Hope someone can help me in this.



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I have never played much with embedded since XP, however you should post your results here as I am curious :)

Hello everyone,

I just found this article which shows how to do it in Windows 7... I don't know if this means that in Windows Embedded it is also possible. (can't post links... please check the following distorted URL, missing the "." before the "com")
w* utilizewindows com/7/networking/437-internet-connection-sharing-ics-configuration-in-windows-7

Anyone have any clue?

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