Windows 7 Enterprise on Shuttle XPC G33/G31


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I installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit (not the beta or the RC) on my Shuttle XPC Quad Q6600 with Intel G33/G31 chipset with the Intel driver for the win7 RC (version
There are some issues...
Mainly when waking up from sleep (garbled display, incomplete graphics, windows in unicolor, etc.)
I've gotten messages from win7 saying that igdkmd64.sys is responding slowly and is causing the system to wake up sloooooooowly from sleep.
The display I use is an Acer p224w.
I must admit that the sleep issue doesn't occur all the time. What does happen all the time (when the display is put to sleep) is the following:
- continuous connect/disconnect hardware ping sound (i suppose from the display)
- running applications windows are resized to 640x480 when the display comes back from sleep
- some desktop icons changed place

What happens sometimes, usually when the machine comes back from sleep
- usually same as above
- sometimes, background is black, desktop icons do appear, but cannot be clicked
- it seems to be linked to explorer.exe, cos I got a few messages that it is unresponsive
- sometimes, when I press ctrl+alt+del, I can log-off or restart, sometimes nothing works anymore
- logging off and back on fixes the unresponsive explorer / graphics issues
- sometimes the display just doesn't come back from sleep at all

Another strange thing that happens (dunno if they're related) is that sometimes when the machine wakes up, I get a "You're computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs: Firefox.exe"
Now, I have 4 gigs of ram (no paging file) and only AVG antivirus, Outlook 2007 and firefox 3.5 running.
The memory desktop gadget says 93% used...

Any thoughts as to what could be the problem here...?



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dwm.exe and csrss.exe

Hi all,

Since my memory consumption was at 65% (of 4gigs) again, with no applications running, I took a look at the resource manager and that told me that dwm.exe was using 1.1gb of memory and csrss was using 1.47gb.
Now, this seems a little excessive for a windows process and a desktop window manager (especially since there are hardly any windows to manage).
So after some research I found something about a corrupt profile and trojans, none of which seem to apply here (I hope!)

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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resource exhaustion

Well, I "solved" the problem...
Whenever the System_Microsoft-Windows-Resource-Exhaustion event is triggered, I run a script that terminates the dwm.exe process. Since this dwm.exe relaunches automatically after, this takes care of my woes.
Not the most elegant solution, but for now I'm saved.
Hopefully Microsoft and/or Intel will come up with a patch for this problem...