Windows 7 Explorer Problems

I can't seem to open my folders or even Windows Explorer. It is pinned to my taskbar but the problem is when I select the window to be opened as its preview-window pops up, when I select the window I want to open, the window does not open on the desktop.

When I tried resizing it, through the right-click properties, all I can see is the outline of the window but I cannot see its content.


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Fill up ur system config to help you precisely. Restart explorer.exe and let us know. Is aero selected?

Aero is selected. But even if I didn't select aero, it's still the same. I can't even access "My Computer". etc.


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have you installed the latest drivers for ur graphics controller? what exactly happens when you select computer from start menu? did u restart explorer.exe?

Yeah did that.
Anything related or opened via Windows Explorer won't open. Even the programs related to it from the Start Menu. I can open WMP or IE but not Windows Explorer or any related program that is opened thru WE. I can see the preview as I do a mouse-over the icon on the taskbar, but aside from that, nothing whatsoever.
Unlesss if boot up to safe mode in W7, I can access and use WE but in Win7 Safe Mode!!!!!

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It seems ur explorer is corrupted. Open command prompt as admin
type sfc /scannow

Wait for the scan to complete, restart the computer and check. If this doesnt work, use your install CD to repair the install.

All the best!!!

Yes, I did that too and the message said that it didn't find any problems.
I tried System Restore, to an earlier installation before I installed some programs and the problem was gone. I suspect it's about some earlier Direct X and other whatnots that got installed with the games I installed such as COD6 Modern Warfare 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Far Cry 2, etc.
I was able to play the games after System Restore without any problems. But with new installations of other games, the symptoms appeared.
There are some features of Cubase SX 3 that wouldn't work even though I set it to compatibility mode, Photoshop CS4, and other audio and video editing softwares, the same problems occurs with these too. But I could install the whole CS4 Suite as selected to be installed in one installation but cannot install separate programs as a whole. I've emailed tech support for respective softwares and they said that they're looking into it.
For now, it seems I'll revert to WinXP SE SP3.

I did not experience any problems with the drivers of my hardware. So far it went smoothly with both Professional Edition and Ultimate Edition of Windows 7. The only thing is that I can't use the softwares I need and want.

AMD 2 X4 925
MSI C790FX Motherboard
16 GB DDR3
MSI R4890 Cyclone (2x) Crossfire
250GB HD (For OS)
1TB HD (2)

Everything in Win 7 was so smooth I got it into full op and I really like it! Except for the things I mentioned earlier.
So thanks dre@ms for the assist. Hopefully I can use Win7 by the middle of next year with new SPs and Updates or hopefull patches might be released for the dev softwares I have problems with in Win7.

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Hi! I'm having problems with my windows explorer in win 7. I've recently installed win 7 over win XP, but haven't any problem till a week ago. My comp. configuration is:
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370 1.73 GHz 1.73 GHz
When I try to open certain files, e.g. video downloaded from Youtube, or even open the folder that contain that file or files, my processor work in full capacity. desktop Gadget shows that both cores work 100%, and task manager shows that explorer.exe uses CPU 98-99. Even when I try to close the folder, I get the message to restart explorer. My roommate has installed win 7 also, but have no problems. Please help me, I don't know what to do! I'm thinking to return to XP again, because almost every time that problem happens, I have to either restart explorer if the message appears or log off and log in again if the desktop freezes.

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