Windows 7 Windows 7 fails to install


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Jan 30, 2009
I've got myself in a bit of a pickle here.

I'm atempting to upgrade to 7 over Vista Home Premium 64 bit, but whenever it gets to the final stages of the installation it gets the BSOD and reverts to Vista with this message:


I've tried using both DVDs and mounting software to install it.

I've downloaded the client twice.

The only related help I could find was the website that had the above image, but it's advise was utterly useless.

I've attempted to partition my HDD, but for some reason it will only let me partition 405mb despite there being over 100gb of free space on my hard drive. I don't want to clean install it as I have a lot of important documentation and computer logs that can't be backed up (to my knowledge). It probably isn't a good idea to do so considering I'm in a bit of a tiffle with a the company I bought the PC from.

This is driving me up the wall. Help :(

[edit] Seems its the BSOD causes the reset]
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Windows 7 fails to install (same message)

I have the same message exactly as you got.
But it did not tell me the error and then reinstalls to vista.

It did say microsoft was sent all the data from my problem but it showed me nothing. a lot of good that does me with an new $200.00 piece if software.

unhappy- and lost too

I upgraded my machine to 6 gig memory, new Hard drives . copied all my old files.

and then nothing , and yes I have the right version.??
It may be that you have to do a clean isntall :( I don't suppose you know the error code of the BSOD?
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