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May 25, 2009
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This is a battle that I've fought for years trying to keep the old Windows games running on the later versions of Windows.

I've use registry hacks etc. to keep them working.

When I updated to Windows 10 Anniversary they all quit working again and my old hacks don't work.
I was upset because I kind of think of myself as a Freecell master. LOL

I've played at least a few games everyday for decades.
I won 130 consecutive Freecell games in a streak, and 100 games 3 times (I usually start over at 100).

Well I found the solution, and it works.

This program...

Get Windows 7 games for Windows 10

really works, it installs the old games with the original graphics etc, and they run great.
Just be sure that you click on the correct download button, it's about half way down the page.

They are trying to sell something but the game installers seems to be clean.

yep, MikeHawthorne … i ran into that aero-stuff in the past … there was reason i decided not to pursue that avenue … can't remember what the stickler was.

i recognize you maintain the program seems to be malware-free … oh yeah, now i remember … i had memorable experience with "managed installers" in the past … notorious for piggy-backing files. make sure you look for pup's and similar. reason being many of we baby-boomers like the old windows games … and the nefarious crooks out there take advantage of it.

stay cool, MikeHawthorne … and lotsa' luck hitting that 130+ freecell again.

The first thing I did was to scan it with both Windows Defender and SuperAntiSpyware, and is came up clean.
Then after I installed it I ran Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware again and it my computer came up clean.

Now I'll save it to a DVD as I did the hack I had that worked before, so I won't have to download it again in the future.

But I was glad to find it, the old game is so much better then the new apps.
They just don't feel right, I play on my tablet as well, and that one is pretty good but I couldn't fine it for PC, but the old one is still better.

I use a free small program called "Unchecky" which monitors any software you are installing and unchecks all the PUPs you don't need.

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I'll check that out, sounds like a good idea.
I'm careful but I still miss one of those things that you need to uncheck sometimes.

The site that Mike speaks of is a legit one, can also get the WEI tool there that works on Windows 8 through 10.:)

Winaero WEI Tool

Download link is just above the comments. While not as popular today, the original WEI from Windows, especially with Windows 7, generated an economy of it's own. There were untold amounts of cash spent in trying to reach the perfect 7.9.

I came close, only my CPU scored a 7.8, the rest were perfect, although with advancements in technology, by the year 2015 it was much easier (& far less costly) to have all scores above 7.0 than in 2009. Even my newly released $200 mid-range GeForce GTX 960 (2GB) in 2015 hit 7.9 on both GPU scores & it's a 128 bit card.:D

So while this task can be performed via cmd, the Winaero WEI tool does the same with less work involved, and best of all, no 3rd party junkware comes along for the ride.:)

I'd guess that the Windows 7 games are the same, although I also have Unchecky installed, which catched 95% of unwanted software & have active MBAM Premium 3.0.6 installed. It's still best to view for oneself that there's no piggyback software, no need to be in a rush, simply click slow & read the EULA. Sometimes, although not often, there'll be a crafty checkbox in the middle of a paragraph of the EULA, meaning we should take the time to examine what's about to be installed on our computers.:)

After updating any Windows OS, the Unchecky app is installed before anything. Even a Flash Player update will try and install some type of junk software, be it a McAfee scan tool, Google Chrome toolbar, or the browser itself. I prefer downloading Google Chrome direct, don't know what comes in the bundled browser.

While Unchecky isn't bullet proof, still catches over 95% of the junk that some of us may not see, even with trained eyes. Some of these EULA's has the checkboxes buried within between words, making these hard to catch w/out slowly reading through all. Of course, over time, have also learned which sites are the worst for these practices & stay away from when possible.

Don't want to get too carried away, yes there's games very similar to those on W7 on W10, yet most just doesn't feel to be the same, although I rarely play any, can still spot differences. Sometimes those I work for asks me why, all I can say is that's how Microsoft done it, in an effort to attract Windows 7 users to 10.

At least no one has asked my advice on how to port XP games over to 10, at that point, would have to throw my hands in the air. Although I believe stored on my Google Drive are portable (native) XP games intended for usage on W7 sent by a friend long ago, don't know how these would play on W10, yet don't see why not. May have to install the .NET 3.5 & 2.0 updates, just like when running a portable SSD benchmark tool, I believe AS SSD Benchmark, will have to try when logging into a W10 machine.:)

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