windows 7/geforce 8800gt graphics problem

4 days ago I installed windows 7 ultimate (clean/full install) and the picture/graphic on my monitor looks ok (movies,pictures,internet and so on) but after windows uppdate uppdated the nvidia drivers, the picture om my monitor looks strange.

It's hard to explain but it feels to bright, the picture is unclear or may be too clear (hard to explain), the color is strange (feels unreal), I get pain in my eyes and headache (must concentrate really hard to look at the monitor).

Before I had windows xp and then windows vista installed and I had no problem what so ever. This strange problem happened after I installed windows 7 and nvidia drivers....

I have uppdated my chipset driver, sound drivers, nvidia 196.21 and tried the new 196.75, all windows uppdate, I had no virus apps when installed...

I have tried the settings in nvidia controllpanel and on my monitor but nothing feels good, still a strange and unreal picture....

PLEACE HELP ME MY EYES ARE BLEEDING !!!! I don't want to go back to windows vista!!

monitor: LG Flatron L225 WS (VGA)

biostar s-tp35d2
intel core2duo e6850 3.0ghz
kingston ddr2 pc5300/667 (2x1gb)


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If you look at the screenshot below you'll see an arrow pointing to calibration settings for your screen via the 'Control Panel' . Just follow the route in the address Bar to get to the screen pictured.

View attachment 5586

Thanks for the replay, but I have already try that.
Still feels like the screen is hard to look at, not so clear as before.
Could it be like windows 7 is build for monitors with hdmi and my monitor is vga?? (just a thought)

Pleace any more ideas ???


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Try adjusting the refresh rate to the highest it will go.

View attachment 5588

I can only choose 60Hz.......
when I look at pictures the monitor screen looks clear and fine..
the biggest problem is when there is a light background (like internet explorer or a menu) it's so bright it hurt in my eyes. When I reduce the brightness everything else looks strang (white is not white anymore, the other color looks dead)
I know it sounds stange, but I had no problem before (with xp and vista):(


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Have you tried running windows update?

See if there is any software available for your monitor from the manufacturer.
I've done that before and got some good results.
Good luck.

Yes I have running windows uppdate, as I wrote in the first/main post it was after windows uppdate the problem began.
And there is no software availabe at LG's home page (just some really old driver).

I also have found out that when I play movie files that looked great before, don't look so fine anymore (also to bright and unreal picture)
I installed battlefield company of heroes 2 today and the game looks'n it stange???

Any way...thanks for all the answers!!!

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