windows 7 home 64 bit won't fully loaf.


After shutdown and a long disuse (a month or so) the 7 will do this:

It will go all the way to the theme background, but will hang there. No icons, nothing, just background photo.

1. Will boot to safe mode.
2. Several times (discovered accidentally) I was able to put it to sleep (or is it hibern.) by Power button, and by repeatedly pressing F8 when bringing it out, I got to logout kind of screen where the name of the user will dispay (there is just one user) and it says the user is logged in. Upon pressing the name Win then fully boots.
However the the reboot will repeat the failure.
This log-out screen thing is not consistent.

Msconfig in Diagnostic startup mode (baic services) or Selective startup without Startup items does not help either.


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It's a laptop?

If you get to Safe Mode, take off power safe modes, like hibernation.
Anyways, load the battery. It may have been low on charge, and a month could kill it.

The reboot repeating the failure could indicate loss of power = it kind of starts, but then the fuel is out.

Did the computer work properly before the one month rest?

No it is a desktop.

Yes it worked fine before.
Oh, and there was some sort of 7 update I on re-boot first it tried to "configure windows".

But I did try various "restore points" way back - to no avail.

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Try running Startup Repair 3 times and see if that he;ps.

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